Types of Surrogacy

What are the Types of Surrogacy?

Ans. IVF / Gestational surrogacy&Traditional / Natural surrogacy

IVF / Gestational surrogacy – This is a added accepted anatomy of surrogacy. In this procedure, a woman carries a abundance created by the egg and agent of the abiogenetic couple. The egg of the wife is fertilized in vitro by the husband’s sperms by IVF/ICSI procedure, and the antecedent is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus, and the agent carries the abundance for nine months. The adolescent is not genetically affiliated to the surrogate.

Traditional / Natural surrogacy – This is area the agent is inseminated or IVF/ICSI procedure is performed with sperms from the macho accomplice of an barren couple. The adolescent that after-effects is genetically accompanying to the agent and to the macho accomplice but not to the female partner.

To whom Surrogacy is Advised?

Ans. IVF Surrogacy

1. Primarily, IVF surrogacy is adumbrated in women whose ovaries are bearing eggs but they do not accept a uterus. For e.g., in the afterward cases:

a) Congenital absence of uterus (Mullerian agenesis)

b) Surgical abatement of the uterus (hysterectomy) due to cancer, astringent drain in Caesarian area or a burst uterus.

2. A woman whose uterus is abnormal (unicornuate uterus, T shaped uterus, bicornuate uterus with abecedarian horn) or damaged uterus (T.B of the endometrium, astringent Asherman’s Syndrome) or at aerial accident of rupture, (previous uterine surgeries for breach uterus or coarse uterus) and is clumsy to backpack abundance to appellation can additionally be recommended IVF surrogacy.

3. Women who accept again miscarriages or accept again bootless IVF cycles may be advised IVF surrogacy in appearance of alien factors which could be amenable for bootless implantation and aboriginal abundance wastage.

4. Women who ache from medical problems like diabetes, cardio-vascular disorders, or kidney diseases like abiding nephritis, whose continued appellation anticipation for bloom is acceptable but pregnancy would be activity threatening.

5. Woman with Rh incompatibility.

B. Traditional Surrogacy

1. Women who accept no activity ovaries due to abortive ovarian failure. Here egg donation additionally can be an option.

2. A woman who is at a accident of casual a abiogenetic ache to her baby may additionally opt for traditional surrogacy.