Respiratory Therapy Bachelors Degree

If you plan on going into the medical field, you have such a large selection of directions you can follow. While being a nurse or a physician are often the most obvious examples of professions in the medical industry, another area you might consider is seeking a Respiratory Therapy Bachelors Degree.

Once you earn your degree, you will work under the supervision of a primary care physician or a registered nurse, but you will be providing direct care to patients who need your expertise. Building on your associate-level respiratory therapy skills, this program will add great value to your associate level education and training.

If you are returning to school while still working, after having achieved your AAS degree and certification in respiratory therapy, you will find a flexible and fulfilling program at the University of Cincinnati. Featuring a 100 percent online flexible course schedule, you will be able to attend college in your own way. You can tailor your lessons to your personal time frame, which will cause you far less stress than a traditional program.

Even if you are entering college right out of high school, you might need to take a job to support yourself through your education, so flexible online classes are beneficial to everyone. Additionally, by guiding your own schedule, you can graduate from this program in 20 months to get you on the faster track to starting your career in the health care industry.

While in the Respiratory Therapy Bachelors program, you will be making lasting connections to health care professionals who can help you navigate your professional life with the wisdom of their experience. This program will give you the foundation of clinical skills, sharpen those skills and help you take them to the next level for your future.

If you already work in the respiratory therapy industry, this program will deepen your knowledge and strengthen your skills. You will learn about health care operations, new technology, ethics, leadership and program management, so your education goes far beyond the basics. With all of this knowledge, you will be empowered in your field to make considerable and positive changes in the field of Respiratory Therapy.

The online program’s curriculum prepares students for management opportunities, advanced clinical practice and graduate school, especially since the program focuses on research methods and analysis. Study Aging and Respiratory Therapy, Community Health Problems and Practices and other critical courses.