Types of Nursing Jobs

Modern nursing was introduced by Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War. Since then, the occupation has continually gained respect and increased in need for people of all ages and in every place on earth.

Those who desire to be employed in this field are charged to become an authority in nursing. During the advancement of your training you will need to take courses and practice applying what you are learning. Once you’ve done all of the hard work and are ready to find employment, you must accept that this field can require long nights and weekend work. Most significantly, you will want to be prepared to work with a lot of people who are in a tremendous amount of pain, which can be very challenging. But it will be worth it!

There is an abundance in the types of jobs in nursing that are available today. These accommodate full-time nursing, part-time nursing, hospital nursing, long-term nursing, by appointment nursing, in-home assignment nursing, psychiatric nursing, registered nursing, OR travel nursing, pediatric nursing, and many more. You really have a wide choice of options in hours, focus and level of difficulty!

Registered Assistant (RN):- These nurses are often found  in the boilerplate of hospital medical provision. This is a highly regarded level of nursing, providing many job options and a structured career path. Registered Nurses may work in hospitals, private practices or provide home visits to patients.

A career in nursing also offers the opportunity to advance in highly specialized areas of work such as the following:

Critical Affliction Assistant (CC RN / ICU RN) – these nurses are prepared to take care of patients who are in the ICU (intensive care unit) or CCU (critical care unit). So, they agree to work with those have intense life-threatening diseases or conditions.

Oncology Assistant – this nurse cares for patients who are have cancer.

Cardiology Assistant – these nurses care for patients with heart-related problems.

Gastroenterology Assistant – nurses who care for patients who have problems with the digestive tract.

Psychiatric Assistant – a nurse caring for patients who suffer from psychiatric problems.

Pediatric Assistant – a nurse who cares for children who may be well or may be sick or have physical conditions and problems.

Geriatric Assistant – nurses caring for elderly patients.

Operation Room Assistant – these nurses assist surgeons as they accomplish surgery.

OR Travel Nursing – nurses who go from hospital to hospital (or travel to one place for an extended period of time, whether it be across country or out of the country) assisting surgeons.

Emergency Room Assistant – a nurse who assists in emergency rooms, handling emergency cases as they are admitted.

Clearly jobs in nursing are abundant in focus, placement and degree of action. It is a high calling, but there is so much opportunity in advancing a career pursued in the medical field.

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