The Importance of Emergency Rescue Training

Most people work in a safe environment every day, and the biggest threat to their safety probably lies in their commute from their home to their job. Not every job is without safety hazards though, and the people who do this work are well aware of the danger when they sign on. Fortunately for those working high above the ground or in an industrial environment, Texas Rope Rescue specializes in rescue from heights training.

Companies that hire employees to perform dangerous work offer a pay rate that not only compensates their workers for the elevated risk of their job, but also attracts those willing to do the work because of the generous compensation. These companies are careful to observe all OSHA guidelines, but they also understand accidents are likely to occur in spite of every precaution. It is essential that a specially trained rescue team is available to transport injured workers safely to a waiting ambulance promptly.

Emergency rescue teams must be trained to perform multiple types of recovery operations including a rope rescue from heights, tower rescue, dam rescue, over-the-wall rescue and rescue from a confined space. While performing any type of rescue, recovery teams must be 100 percent OSHA compliant in order to avoid further trauma to the injured worker or accidental injury to the rescue team.

Texas Rope Rescue is an organization that takes pride in providing training far beyond the typical “canned classes” commonly available. It is the intention of Texas Rope Rescue
that the advanced training techniques taught in their course will result in more successful rescues and fewer deaths associated with industrial accidents. Time is an important element in the recovery of an injured worker, so having a properly trained rescue and recovery team on hand can be the difference between life and death for seriously injured workers.

Companies that hire workers to do high risk jobs would be wise to hire an onsite physician to ensure injured workers receive medical attention as soon as possible. All workers should be required to go through an OSHA approved industrial rescue training class so they are prepared to immediately assist a fellow worker in the case of an accident.