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Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can severely debilitate a man’s confidence in either his marriage or relationship. After all, sex is an important part of anyone’s expression of emotion. While some of it is physical a large part of the act can be emotional and/or mental. There are many diverse reasons for erectile dysfunction and a host of consequences that come about as a result of it.

Common causes

Erectile dysfunction can have either physical or mental sources. Common physical causes include:

– Clogged blood vessels
– High blood pressure
– Diabetes
– Parkinson’s disease

Mental causes can include:

– Depression
– Alcoholism or drug abuse
– Anxiety

Those are just a few of the common causes. There are an almost endless list of causes for this troubling condition. Men who become aware of erectile dysfunction understandably want to have an instant cure for it. Unfortunately most of the time there must be a thorough investigation both physically and mentally before a doctor can know what is causing the condition. Physical causes will be ruled out first because things like heart disease or diabetes need a prompt diagnosis and erectile dysfunction can be a common symptom. Once doctors rule out a physical cause, they will shift to looking for mental health issues.

Anxiety is another big common cause. Erectile dysfunction Florida counselors can get to the root of the anxiety or depression and then prescribe medications that might help alleviate the condition immediately or over the course of a couple weeks treatment. Medication is often the last resort to treat the condition because almost any medication can have a list of unwanted side effects that people just don’t want to live with. Continue reading