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4 Alternatives to Energy Drinks

4 Alternatives to Energy Drinks

4 Alternatives to Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a popular option for getting through the day, especially when you don’t think you can safely consume any more coffee than you already have. That said, many people dislike all of the sugar and calories that come with drinking an energy drink. There are a number of different alternatives to turn to aside from energy drinks, and the majority work more efficiently than overloading your body with sugar.

1. Chocolate.
Believe it or not, chocolate is an amazing energy booster. it stimulates bioactive compounds in the brain, boosting not only your energy levels, but your focus as well. It’s the perfect snack for getting through those difficult, tedious tasks during the day. Be careful, though; most chocolate is high in sugar and can be tough on diets if you aren’t careful.

2. Glutamine.
Glutamine supplements not only increase your energy levels, but they also boost the rate at which your muscles grow. These are great additions to any diet, especially when you’re trying to put on muscle mass and grow stronger. A study performed by LSU showed that athletes saw results after just six days of supplementation on glutamine tablets.

3. Vling Hydration Mixers.
These are tasty, refreshing energy drinks that provide all the benefits with none of the downsides. Specifically designed to have no caffeine, low calories, and low carb levels, Vling Hydration Mixers are the energy drink for the health-conscious among you. You can find them at VlingMixers.com, where you’ll pay just $50 for a 24-can pack. That’s a far cry from the $3 per can you normally pay for energy drinks.

4. Fruit smoothie.
Yes, believe it or not, a delicious fruit smoothie can be just the thing for kicking your energy levels into overdrive. The natural nutrients found in the fruit, combined with the hydrating effects of the smoothie, is just enough to keep you on the move for a long time to come. Make sure the smoothie has a mixture of fruits inside so it’s not just pure sugar; you have to be careful to avoid the crash that comes with a lot of fruit.

Next time you find yourself struggling to stay awake and power through a boring, tedious task, try one of these alternatives to energy drinks. Your body will thank you.