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Employee Wellness Programs

The American Medical Association declared obesity a disease. The study indicated that one out of three Americans suffer from obesity. The designation considered the Body Mass Index (BMI) as the deciding factor, but did not take in to consideration cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. These are the risk factors associated with obesity according to an NPR panel of medical experts. It was noted that 17 percent of the children one physician saw in his routine visits were obese. According to proponents of the classification, by labeling obesity a disease, suffers will now be able to get medical treatment for the condition through their insurance companies. This treatment can include counseling, drugs or other treatment plans. The effects of obesity include diabetes, chronic health problems, blood pressure issues, hip and knee replacements and other life threatening disabilities like heart disease. These types of illnesses are expensive to treat, which causes the cost of insurance to rise. The rise of obesity has given way to other costs associated with the disease. The loss of income and productivity is relative to the family income of the obese patient. In severe cases, the patient is bedridden and cannot be mobilized to get medical treatment. There are different schools of thought regarding the treatment of obesity, but it is recognized by all that there must be a change in the person’s lifestyle in order to combat the disease. It costs not only the tax payers, but employers lose money when their workforce is not healthy.Learn more about Employee wellness programs at IncentaHealth.com.