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DOT Training Program

A Department of Transportation physical exam must be provided by a licensed medical examiner as indicated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration national register. The DOT medical examiner designation is earned by doctors of medicine, doctors of osteopathy, advanced practice nurses, doctors of chiropractic, and physician assistants. Only those who have completed coursework and passed the medical examiner exam may provide driver exams for DOT.

The DOT physical examination is valid for drivers for up to two years. Drivers must identify a registered medical examiner listed on the FMCSA National Registry before his or her current medical certificate expires.

The medical examiner may additionally issue a certificate of less than two years when a driver’s medical condition warrants follow-up. The medical examiner seeks to determine if a driver is physically able and qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). If the medical examiner believes the individual is fit and qualified to perform this job, he or she issues a Medical Examiner’s Certificate. The tested individual receives a copy of the certificate for his or her records.

DOT Medical Examiner Testing

Medical professionals in search of NRCME Certification Medical Examiner training, DOT driver health, Fitness and Fatigue training and OSA training should consider the National Academic of DOT Medical Examiners (NADME) online programs. NADME offers a range of trainings for medical doctors (MDs), doctors of osteopathy (DOs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Physicians Assistants (Pas) and others.

NADME education training focuses on the requirements of FMCSA’s driver DOT examination, qualification standards/guidelines and OSA detection, and treatment and certificate options for current commercial drivers seeking to improve safe driving and highway safety. Dot training online is a convenient way for busy professionals to study for the exam.

DOT Training Program

DOT-accredited NCRME training works closely together with medical advisors and course developers who are experienced in designing and delivering online coursework and compliance trainings. NADME has consistently shown the ability to support medical examiners skills and knowledge prior to taking the DOT NCRME exam. The student pass rate is 99.9 percent. Most students receive the NRCME national certification.

NADME’s programs offer healthcare providers with NRCME certification training at or above the FMCSA’s established educational requirements. The programs comply with FMCSA’s DOT requirements. Convenient online formats make it possible for professionals to study for the exam whenever they wish. Unlike scheduled classes offered in a brick and mortar classroom, online course materials are accessed on the prospective medical examiner’s computer.