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X-ray Diffraction Units

X-ray technology has been around for quite some time now, but new advances in imaging are revealing details of gold nanocrystals never seen before in research. A recent study from the London Centre for Nanotechnology showed how advanced x-ray diffraction techniques let scientists see, for the first time, a dramatic 3D shape in nano-sized gold particles. Nanomaterial imaging in the past was mostly performed by electron microscopy, but x-ray imaging offers a more promising future as x-rays can penetrate further, and they can be used in more flexible environments. While it’s difficult to make lenses that focus x-rays, scientists developed coherent diffraction imaging combined with computer image manipulation to get a more clear picture of nano materials. Professor Ian Robinson said that these new developments will, “lead to a new understanding of structure of nanoscale materials.” As advances in nanotechnology continue to accelerate, x-ray diffraction units from X-RayWizards.com will be needed for analysis and development. The most promising advances in the technology are occurring in the field of medicine. Exciting new cancer treatments based on detailed pictures of RNA are creating exciting possibilities in pharmaceuticals. Scientists are finally getting accurate pictures of exactly how cancer cells duplicate and attack healthy cells. Imaging is also letting scientists see how viruses can actually be engineered to benefit the human body. Medicine isn’t the only area being advanced by nanotech and x-ray diffraction imaging. A government report from late 2012 warned that NASA would fall far behind in space technology if they didn’t embrace research into nanotech.