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The Masters Degree in Counseling

Students are offered a comprehensive educational experience at Wake Forest University with their innovative Master’s of Arts in Counseling Degree or a Master of Arts in Human Services Degree with a counseling emphasis. These helping degrees are designed to allow students to take advantage of new and proven counseling techniques to help others during times of crisis.

The program is ideal for students who want to take advantage of the university’s pro-humanity approach and clinical skills focus that sets this counseling program apart from others across the country. Wake Forest University also makes room for student centered modalities that allow students to demonstrate their mastery of core subject matters that will contribute to their degree and their career fields.

The Masters Degree in Counseling at Wake Forest University delivers an flexible program for future graduates who want to provide counseling services within a variety of career capacities, including school districts, crisis centers, and non-profit trauma care programs. As compassionate service fields, students within the Wake Forest University program for the Master of Arts in Counseling or the Master of Arts in Human Services Degree will undergo high-skills training models that are ideal for graduates seeking employment within mental health clinical settings and institutions. Continue reading