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Vitamin C in Foods

Vitamin C helps the anatomy advance advantageous tissues and a able allowed system, and it aids in the assimilation of iron. Vitamin C is advised a able accessory if you’re aggravating to abstain or bang a algid or added illness.The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for developed men is 90 mg and for developed women it’s 75 mg, and contempo analysis has alleged into catechism the ability of vitamin C pills.

Guava :

Guava is affluent in vitamin C — one bisected cup of the bake-apple contains 188 mg of vitamin C and 56 calories. Eat the bake-apple raw, or try this compound for a Hawaiian smoothie.

Red Candied Pepper :

You apparently instantly anticipate citrus back you anticipate of allowed system-boosting vitamin C, but red candied pepper offers a solid dosage of the nutrient. One bisected cup of raw red candied pepper contains 142 mg of vitamin C and 20 calories. If you baker the veggie, a bisected cup offers 116 mg of vitamin C.

Kiwi :

Kiwi — the fruit, not the bird that’s the civic attribute of New Zealand — is affluent in vitamin C. One average kiwi contains 70 mg of the comestible and 46 calories. Continue reading