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What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about HGH?

What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about HGH?

When making use of HGH supplements people are very doubtful about the long term impacts. People

have a lot of doubts they want answers for and here we will try to answer frequently asked questions

about Human Growth Hormones. It is necessary to be fully aware of the supplement you are using to

avoid its potential side effects.

What is HGH?

First of people want to know what is HGH. In our body growth hormones are naturally produced by

pituitary gland. The HGH supplements available in the market are synthetic replica of natural growth

hormones. They are made using the recombinant DNA technology. There are two forms of HGH

available one is injectible and other one is oral pills and sprays.

For avoiding the risks of side effects it is advised that you all should make use of oral HGH formulations.

As the oral supplements do not introduce synthetic growth hormones directly into your blood stream

the body is not under any kind of shock. Also oral HGH for sale is easily available online. You can ask

your physician about using these supplements.

Can I get mad cow disease from HGH?

This is one of the prime questions first time HGH users ask. In the initial years during 60s and 70s when

HGH supplements were first formulated at that time cadavers were used to extract growth hormones.

Primarily these hormones were used for the treatment of growth problems in children.

However later on it was found that many people who were treated using HGH were infected with mad

cow disease. Reason was extraction of growth hormones from infected cadavers. Soon the HGH

supplements were banned.

A breakthrough was achieved when in 1985 researchers came up with the recombinant DNA technology

which helped in synthetically extracting growth hormones from bacteria. Therefore as HGH supplements

are no longer based on growth hormones extracted from cadavers there is no possibility of getting

infected with mad cow disease.

Can HGH supplementation cause cancer?

Many reviews suggest that use of HGH supplements can contribute to cancer symptoms. If you are

suffering from any form of cancer then you should avoid these supplements. However use of HGH

supplements by healthy people does not causes cancer. Anyone who is not suffering from cancer can

use HGH supplements.

Are all HGH reliable?

Unfortunately these days many fake products are also promoted online. To get real HGH you should

always opt for reliable brands. GenF20 Plus, HyperGH 14X and Sytropin are some brands to choose from.

We guess most of your questions are answered.