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Key Nutrients That Every Active Man Needs More Of

Whether they’re pregnant, nursing, or have yet to use their reproductive systems at all, prenatal vitamins can work wonders for women. These supplements provide essential nutrients for supporting optimal brain health, protecting the joints and bones, strengthening the teeth, nails, skin and hair, and much, much more. As a man, however, you shouldn’t expect these same benefits if using these supplements to support your own health. Men and women have distinctly different nutritional needs at every stage of life. Following are several key nutrients that every active man is virtually guaranteed to need more of.

Vitamin B12

B vitamins are colloquially referred to as the “hangover cure”. Men who like going out on the weekend to imbibe with friends will find that getting plenty of these vitamins helps minimize the “morning after” consequences of a few too many cocktails. Hangovers aside, while most men regularly consume sufficient amounts of vitamin B12 through their daily diets, guys often have a hard time absorbing this nutrient efficiently. This is especially true for older men who may be taking prescription drugs for various chronic ailments that counteract proper B12 absorption. Among the medications that have the greatest effect on B12 absorption are drugs for managing hypertension and diabetes medications. Guys can up their Vitamin B12 intake by eating more animal proteins and by additionally using a B12 supplement for good measure.

Vitamins A, C, & E

Commonly referred to as antioxidant vitamins, vitamins A, C, and E support healthy cell and tissue renewal, protect the vision, nourish the skin and hair, fight free radical damage, and minimize problems like tissue loss and arterial degeneration. These nutrients are obtained by eating fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables like kale, tomatoes, carrots, and berries among many others. Guys should note, however, that they can also get the skin and tissue-supporting benefits of these same nutrients by incorporating them into their skin care routines. Many mens natural skin care products are rich with antioxidant vitamins for keeping the skin supple, fresh, and ultimately youthful-looking. Thus, if you’re ready to add more of these vitamins to your life, load up on a diverse array of produce, and start pampering your dermis with quality moisturizers, toners and firming creams. Continue reading