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5 Signs That Addiction May Be Taking Over

5 Signs That Addiction May Be Taking Over

5 Signs That Addiction May Be Taking Over

Addiction is a scary experience to have to go through; and many do not realize that they are suffering from an addiction until it is nearly too late. While it is never too late to eliminate addiction, it usually causes irreversible damage before the treatment begins. Recognizing the first signs of illness is important for treating addiction before the damage takes a disastrous toll.

Skipping On Daily Routines
When one begins to skip out on daily routines in an effort to tend to their addiction, it’s usually the first sign of illness. This might be neglecting to workout, abandoning previously loved hobbies, or skipping out on games that were once attended like clockwork. Instead, the individual has to set aside more and more time to fuel the addiction. It might be drinking, drug abuse, excessive shopping, or playing video games. Addiction exists in many forms.

Making Up Excuses for Family
“I can’t today, something came up…” How many times have family members heard this excuse? This one is quite common, even in cases where addiction isn’t at fault. However, someone with an addiction will find themselves making up excuses all of the time to avoid family members. Many times, they are too ashamed to allow their families to find out.

Avoiding Friends Who Don’t Understand
When someone begins to spiral out of control, they tend to avoid friends who “wouldn’t understand”. This results in a smaller group of friends who may be actively engaging in the same behavior or something similar. This further fuels the addiction, as the individual feels it is normal and accepted within this group.

Excessive Spending and Financial Troubles
Excessive spending and financial trouble is a hallmark symptom of addiction. This is usually where an addiction takes the deepest dive, landing the individual in serious financial trouble. Savings dwindles, bills become late, and they might lose their home. This is when addiction medicine becomes a priority for the individual, as they realize they’ve lost all control.

Guilt and Depression
Guilt and depression almost always accompany addiction. The guilt usually spawns from letting family members down, pushing friends away, or taking advantage of a spouse or significant other. The depression soon follows, making the individual feel hopeless.

Addiction can strike at any point of life, in youth and in old age. The trick is to be able to recognize the early signs, so that treatment can be found before damage is done. There is always help available.