Natural Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Natural Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Natural Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment


Natural Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Vaginal infections can occur when the flora within the vagina become out of balance and the area is overrun by other flourishing organisms. While many women get diagnosed and rely on prescription creams or suppositories and oral or injected antibiotics from their doctors, there are many options for natural therapies for bacterial vaginosis treatment they may never hear about from a physician. Some doctors even insist that there is no way to cure infection without the use of pharmaceuticals! It is very important to be certain that the type of infection is known before treatment is started, because there are different methods to deal with varying conditions.

The region can be out of balance with bacteria, yeast, parasites, or even viruses, and the symptoms range from barely noticeable to burning and painful to intensely itchy. Discharge is usually present in any imbalance, and it varies in color, viscosity, texture, and odor. In most instances, bacterial overgrowth will either be asymptomatic or produce a discharge that is white or grey, frequently with a strong odor similar to fish, especially after intercourse. The woman may notice that the symptoms flare up at night, and might experience itching as well.

Gardnerella is a bacteria that can lead to bacterial vaginosis; however, there are many bacteria that inhabit the environment normally living in balance which may suddenly shift to overgrowth. Beneficial organisms such Lactobacillicus Acidophilus are regularly present and produce hydrogen peroxide which normally keep other colonized bacteria in balance. When the system is out of balance, anaerobic organisms that thrive without oxygen can take over and cause irritation and itching.

Common causes of infection include having a new sex partner or multiple partners, recent use of antibiotics, and even douching with common vinegar-based solutions. New or multiple partners can introduce new types of bacteria, while medications and acidic solutions reduce the number of beneficial colonies. One remedy for treating vaginosis is to make a homemade douche without the use of vinegar and implementing essential plant oils.

Several different herbs and oils are amazing in bacterial vaginosistreatment. A tea solution can be steeped from herbs or plant essences can be added to water to create a rinse for insertion. The essence of Tea Tree is one of the most common and effective options to treat the condition. Other choices include Lavender, Eucalyptus, Clove, Garlic, and Cedar oils. Whether in added to water or food-grade oil, application inside the vagina goes directly to the source of the problem.

A tea decoction steeped from bulk herbs or powders or water infused with oils can be applied just like a douche. Start with a small ratio of herb to water, about 5 drops per cup, to assess tolerance and ensure minimal discomfort. A stronger solution is beneficial; however, some women may experience slight burning sensation. The best method is to lie on the back and insert the liquid and retain it for as long as possible. This may be most comfortable in a bathtub so that the release is convenient and rinsing is immediate.

If the herbal concoction is blended in oil such as coconut or olive oil, soaking a tampon in the oil and inserting it into the vagina is quite effective and can be left for a longer period of time. The outer area of the vulva can also be soothed with the application as sometimes itching, burning and irritation occur externally as well. Do not use mineral or baby oil or anything petroleum based because it coats the skin and prevents good absorption of the beneficial treatment. It may also complicate the problem if one is sensitive to the ingredients.


Probiotics contain good bacteria normally found in the body that tend to get out of balance, so replenishing them is always a good idea. Available in capsule form, taken orally or inserted vaginally they will bring the delicate balance back and help to resolve the infection. Plain yogurt with no added sugar can be particularly soothing rather than inserting capsule ingredients, especially fresh from the refrigerator. If an applicator is available, inject the yogurt directly into the vaginal canal. A tampon can also be rolled in the cream and inserted, but it will not introduce as much as an applicator will.

Adding a couple of drops of any of the previously mentioned oils to the yogurt will offer added protection as it works internally directly at the source. Powdered herbs such as oregano or turmeric well blended in the mixture will also be quite effective. Hydrogen peroxide may also be used as a rinse, as this is the substance produced by the healthy organisms in the vagina. Adding oxygen to the environment will knock down the colonizing anaerobic bacteria and helps to normalize the balance.

Taking a food-based multivitamin with a good dose of Folic Acid has been effective for some women as well. Ensuring the body has its proper nutrients boosts the immune system and gives the body a fighting chance against foreign invaders. Folic Acid works particularly well in bacterial vaginosis treatment, and the multi will replenish the vitamin B12 that may be depleted by its use.

Some supplements on the market have the effect of controlling bacteria within the body. Some of these include Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf, Goldenseal, Colloidal Silver and Colostrum. Most are available in pill or capsule form, and some are offered in liquids. They tend to be more gentle than prescribed antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis treatment; however, extended use may lead to more imbalance, so use sparingly.

The homeopathic remedy recommended for bacterial vaginosis treatment is Sepia. It is normally sold in small tubes the size of lip balm, and the dose is in pellet form the size of BBs that taste sweet made to dissolve in the mouth. Sepia corresponds to the complaints of odorous white or grey fluid vaginal discharge along with itching and burning. Homeopathics are created from plants or substances which taken at full strength would cause a specific symptom. Diluted to the point there is merely the vibration or memory of the substance remaining, the remedy will alleviate that symptom in the body.

Many natural options are useful for bacterial vaginosis treatment / yeast infection that do not involve prescription antibiotics or creams or ointments. If the problem is recurring, try a new approach and find out how well it can work for you! More affordable and generally effective, use natural therapies and take control of your own health.


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