Causes of Proteus Syndrome

What is Proteus Syndrome?

Proteus Affection is a complete disease. This agency that it is already credible at birth, accepting acquired the ataxia during fetal development during pregnancy, during the aforementioned bearing or ancestors due to affiliated defects of the subject. People adversity from this abhorrent ache acquaintance an overgrowth of bark all over his body, accompanied by poor development of basic and muscles, as able-bodied as some tissues such as the adipose tissue. In addition, the alone develops tumors in best of his body. This affection is a aberrant and almost little studied, back alone 200 cases accept been recorded accepted back its identification as a affection in 1979 by Dr. Michael Cohen. The accepted name for this affection owes its pseudonym to the Greek god bulges, who could transform his anatomy according to his will.

What are the causes of Proteus Syndrome?

As already mentioned, the Proteus affection is a complete disease. Currently, the account is not accepted precisely, although abounding theories advance that it could be a alteration of the PTEN bump suppressor gene.

What are the affection of Proteus Syndrome?

Among the best accepted affection we highlight:

– Partial gigantism of extremities such as legs and hands.

– Abnormal advance of bisected of the body.

– Tumors of the bark and beneath it.

– Cranial deformation

– Vascular disorders

– Internal development of fat

– Tendency to array the blood.

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