Alzheimer’s Awareness Needs Increasing

We’ve all heard of Alzheimer’s, but only a few of us are actually aware of the facts relating to it. Brookdale, a leading owner and operator of senior living solutions, together with Alzheimer’s Association whose goal is to eliminate Alzheimer’s as well as enhance care and support to everyone affected by it, are doing their best to raise money through Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

“Throughout the year, Brookdale associates, residents and their families participate in fundraising efforts to support the Walk to End Alzheimer’s program through the Alzheimer’s Association, an organization with the mission of eliminating Alzheimer’s, advancing research, and enhancing care and support for those affected by this devastating disease,” said Sara Terry, vice president of Customer Experience for Brookdale and Brookdale’s National Team Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association. “We value the efforts of our associates, so many of whom see their work as more than a job; they see it as a passion.”

Alzheimer’s affects mostly people above the age of 65, even though the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease increases with age even for younger people. The exact causes of the disease are still unknown, but most likely there’s no one cause, but rather it’s a result of multiple factors. In the U.S. there’s around 5 million people aged 65 or older living with the disease and it is expected to triple soon, unless something can be done to prevent it. It’s currently the sixth leading cause of death in the country and for people aged 65 and older, 5th.

Learn more about it all from the interactive media player below.

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