About Surrogacy

What is Surrogacy?

Ans.Surrogacy is a adjustment of assisted reproduction. The chat agent originates from

Latin chat surrogatus (substitution) – to act in the abode of. The appellation surrogacy is acclimated back

a woman carries a abundance and gives bearing to a babyish for addition woman.

Surrogacy is accepting acceptance as this may be the alone adjustment for a brace to accept their own

child and additionally because adoption, action may be a continued fatigued out process.

Why Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is back addition woman carries a babyish for a couple/ alone who are clumsy to

conceive or backpack a adolescent themselves. This Treatment is offered usually due to disability of

Intended Mother/ Intended Parents to conceive, or backpack a adolescent to term, due to medical or

other problems.

• Recurrent miscarriages admitting of all accessible treatments.

• Repeated failures in IVF treatment

• Premature menopause, generally as a aftereffect of blight treatment

• A hysterectomy, or an absent or aberrant Uterus

• Disability to accept in case of Single Parents

• Possibility of a Health action which makes abundance and bearing dangerous.