4 Ways to Enhance Your Face

As you grow older, your face naturally loses its tightness, fullness and youthful appearance. In fact, by age 30, your hyaluronic acid levels have already dropped by six percent!

Face lifts are just one way to restore your hyaluronic acid levels and to regain the skin of your younger years. However, if you’ve never gone knives or lasers before, you might not know where to begin for your cosmetic surgery journey. Here are just a few procedures to think about if you’re ready to turn back the clock.

Smile Lift: Has your smile begun to droop? Laser contouring in your gums can re-shape your smile and give you a younger appearance with less “gumminess.”

Botox: One of the most popular anti-aging procedures worldwide, Botox will reduce fine lines, eliminate crow’s feet and add new definition to the area around your eyes.

Mouth Rehabilitation: If you’re experiencing loose teeth or a crooked bite, the whole balance of your face can suffer. Look for someone like Yaletown Dentistry¬†who can set things right again.

Deep Correction Peel: Age spots are just one of the ways your skin can betray you, but with the application of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels, you can improve discoloration and even smooth out the texture of rough, leathery skin.

These are just a few modifications you can make to take years off your face and stop traffic once again. Whether you’re looking for laser hair removal or lip injections Vancouver, use this guide to become a younger, more confident you.